SuperCIC AIO with DFO and DeJitter

SuperCIC AIO with DFO and DeJitter

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Please note: This is an advanced mod that requires soldering skills.

Borti's new great design, the AIO SuperCIC with dual-frequency oscillator and de-jitter integrated. Works on all versions of the SNES or Super Famicom, 1 or 3 chip!


The SNES Super CIC mod is the best way to modify your SNES or Super Famicom console to play all region games.

Compatibility: 1 or 3 chip SNES or Super Famicom models.


  • Latest and Best SNES or Super Famicom Region Mod
  • Play games from all regions. 100% compatible with all imports.
  • Easy to install with only a few wires to solder.
  • Switchless mod with no case alteration necessary.
  • Change region by holding down the reset button or using the controller.
  • Additional in-game reset feature, ideal for accessing flash cart menus.
  • 50Hz, 60Hz, or auto-detect mode indicated by dual-led. (Red/Green)

Button Combinations:

  • L + R + SEL + Y --> PAL Mode
  • L + R + SEL + A --> NTSC Mode
  • L + R + SEL + B --> Cartridge Region
  • L + R + SEL + START --> Short Reset
  • L + R + SEL + X --> Long Reset

The kit comes with an RG LED, and you can choose which colours you like for PAL/NTSC when installing it.


The dejitter part of the mod can clean up the jittery signal that modded SFC and SNES consoles give out in 240p mode. This is usually evident when you use your console with an OSSC or a Framemeister.

The Dejitter will correct the signal transferred to your TV / OSSC / Framemeister device. This kit only works on NTSC consoles, or region-modified consoles (for example a PAL SNES console with SuperCIC).


The Dual Frequency Oscillator integrated in the SuperCIC AIO will correct the PAL / NTSC signal timings by replacing the oscillators in the console. The DFO is programmable, and can be updated with an appropriate programmer.



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