Game Gear with McWill LCD
Game Gear with McWill LCD
Game Gear with McWill LCD
Game Gear with McWill LCD

Game Gear with McWill LCD

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Get a Game Gear in great condition, cleaned thoroughly internally and externally, and fitted with a modern bright backlit LCD screen.
The main, power and sound boards have been fully recapped and cleaned so there is no corrosion on the boards or battery terminals.

Details on the mods:

McWill LCD:
The new, modern LCD screen refreshes the Game Gear, as it produces superior brightness and contrast compared to the old, tired cf tube backlit screen. As it is LED-backlit, it uses less power which means the Game Gear can run hours more compared to the original.
You can switch between display modes, by holding down 1, 2 and Start buttons at the same time. This will cycle through normal mode, normal with scanlines (to emulate the original look), full screen, full screen with scanlines and unscaled.
Please note, the contrast wheel no longer has any function.

Glass Screen:
The glass screen really compliments the new LCD display, which is perfect and without any scratches compared to the original plastic that was originally used. The glass screen is also less prone to scratches.

New Capacitors:
The Game Gear is notorious for the low quality capacitors that were used during manufacturing. Most of those, after all these years, have lost their capacitance, or - even worse - have leaked, causing corrosion on the boards.
Some side effects from that, are usually dim displays, low volume or no audio at all, or consoles not powering up at all, due to incorrect voltages or trace breaks caused by corrosion.
This Game Gear had all its capacitors replaced with new high quality ones, which will prevent leaks and will extend its life by many years. The console therefore runs perfectly.

Note: Please expect the console to have some scratches, as they are used consoles. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see the exact console prior to purchasing, but they all are in similar condition to the ones pictured.

All our consoles are previously used consoles, refurbished by us. They do NOT carry the manufacturer's warranty, but our own.


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Unfortunately, as we are a small business we cannot offer free returns at this time. Any cost incurred to ship the product(s) back to us will have to be incurred by you.


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Modding services
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In the event that we can't carry the ordered service, either because the console is unrepairable, or for incompatibility reasons, we will post the console back to you free of charge, and issue a full refund on your order.

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We offer 6 months warranty from the time of purchase, for mod kits, pre-modded consoles and modding services.

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