Dreamcast Endgame Edition
Dreamcast Endgame Edition
Dreamcast Endgame Edition
Dreamcast Endgame Edition
Dreamcast Endgame Edition
Dreamcast Endgame Edition

Dreamcast Endgame Edition

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This is it! The Dreamcast with all the mods we can offer! This unit has been extensively modded and refurbished, and comes with absolutely everything you will need to start playing right away!

Cleaned and Inspected

The Dreamcast Motherboard that has been fitted in the DC EE has been carefully inspected for any damage and thoroughly cleaned of any corrosive liquids. The result is a shiny motherboard that will last for many years to come.

Brand new Shell

The Dreamcast Endgame Edition comes in a brand new high quality clear white shell built with modern methods. No fear of plastic yellowing anymore.


We have replaced all aluminium electrolytic capacitors that are nearing their end of life (aluminium electrolytic capacitors have a 20 years lifespan on average) to prevent any leaks (they tend to leak their electrolyte past their lifetime which is highly corrosive). The replacement capacitors are Tantalum electrolytic, which don't leak and have a longer lifespan and higher temperature tolerance.


The Dreamcast Endgame Edition comes fitted with DCHDMI, the only digital-to-digital video and audio mod that allows you to play on any modern 1080p or 4K monitor or display. You won't believe the image quality until you see it in person.
The DCHDMI has also been connected to the GDEmu for IGR (in-game reset) functionality.

GDEmu 5.15b

As optical disc drives are coming towards their end of life as well, this is the next meaningful replacement in the Dreamcast. The Dreamcast Endgame Edition is fitted with the latest 5.15b (clone) version of GDEmu, which allows you to backup your discs to an SD card and keep them forever. It also allows VGA and Region Patching. We've fitted this with a black replacement tray and SD card extender so the Endgame Edition looks the part as well.


The DreamPSU is a power mod that removes the 220v power supply inside the console. The original PSU generates some heat inside the console, and especially with the optical drive removed, since there is nothing that needs 12v anymore, it would generate even more heat. The DreamPSU is a modern replacement that in its tiny form can efficiently provide the required power to the Dreamcast. The barrel jack connector at the back is complemented by a black carbon SLS 3D printed bracket.
It also comes with a brand new MASSIVE 10A 12V Power Supply by LEICKE, build in Germany.

Noctua Silent Fan

The original fan fitted in the Dreamcast is so annoying and noisy, we couldn't stand having it in the Endgame Edition. Instead, we've fitted a modern Noctua 5v Fan that's almost silent and provides better airflow at the same time. The bracket is a perfect white SLS 3D printed part that's high in quality and durability.

White LED, Resettable Controller Fuse, Battery holder and new Battery. And a Polymer Capacitor as well.

The controller board has been completely rebuilt of its components. We've fitted a brand new bright white LED light and a heap of other stuff!
The controller fuse has been replaced with an automatically resettable that will reset if it ever blows, without the need to replace it.
The battery (which is almost certainly drained by now) has been replaced with a holder and brand new MIL2032 rechargeable battery that should keep the time for a while.
Finally, the capacitor has been replaced with an aluminium polymer capacitor, that should last and not ever leak.

Accessories, accessories and more accessories

That's not the end of what we've put in the box! With the Dreamcast Endgame you get the following unused accessories!

  • New, unused, original controller in box
  • Unused original memory card (not in box)
  • Unused in box Vibration Pack
  • New in box mini HDMI to HDMI cable, black, 1.8m long
  • Brand new sealed LEICKE 12v 10A power supply
  • A brand new sealed 512GB SD card by Lexar

The Dreamcast Endgame Edition is sold exclusively by 8BitMods and is a very limited run.

It's your chance to own and experience the Dreamcast in an as new condition as possible!


The console is ready to dispatch at any time. There is no waiting time on this console. For next day delivery, please place your order by 11:59am


We offer this console with our extended 2 Year Limited Warranty for any issues or defects! Purchase safely from 8BitMods!


Mod kits: You can return the products to us within 30 days from the day of purchase, provided the ESD bags have not been opened. This is due to the sensitive nature of electronic components.

Consoles: You can return the console to us within 30 days from the day of purchase, provided it's in the same condition, and all security stickers are in place. Please note that we record all serial numbers (internally and externally) of consoles we ship.

Modding Services: If you are not happy with your mod, we will undo it free of charge within 15 days from the day we shipped your console back to you (fulfillment). In any case where case modifications were required, we will not repair this. In the unlikely case of poor modification from our side, we will attempt to replace the modified part of the mod with an unmodified part from a different console, provided we have stock for it, or process a partial refund to reimburse you for the cost of the part on the market.

Unfortunately, as we are a small business we cannot offer free returns at this time. Any cost incurred to ship the product(s) back to us will have to be incurred by you.


We offer free UK Standard delivery on all orders. 
For orders of value over £30, we will ship using a fully tracked service. We use various delivery companies, depending on the delivery you choose during checkout, the size of the parcel and the destination.

The companies we use are:

  • Royal Mail (for standard and next day orders of small parcels or letters, national or international)
  • UPS (for next day delivery orders of consoles and bigger parcels, national or international)
  • Hermes and Hermes International (for standard and international orders of big parcels)

The cutoff time for same day shipping is 12:01pm London time on business days (Monday to Friday). If you place your order after, or outside the business days, your order will be dispatched on the next working day. This only applies to mod kits and items that are ready to ship.

Our consoles are built to order. We will dispatch the console as soon as it is prepared for you. This normally takes up to 1 week normally, but we will email you with an estimate after you place your order. Please note that the date we will provide is an estimate only and not an exact date / time of dispatch. If you are concerned about the dispatch time, please contact us.

For modding services using your own console, you will be responsible for shipping your console to us. We will then return your modded console to you, without any extra cost as soon as the work is complete. We will ship it to you with a tracked, insured service as per above.

We also ship to Europe and the United States of America using a tracked service for all orders.

Modding services
If you'd like us to repair, refurbish or mod your console, you will need to package and post your console to us, after selecting your service on our website. Please pack you console safely.
We will let you know immediately as soon as we receive your console, but it is suggested that you use a tracked and insured service.
Once we receive your console, we will carry the ordered work, and post the console back to you, free of charge. We always use a tracked and insured service when we ship your console back to you.
In the event that we can't carry the ordered service, either because the console is unrepairable, or for incompatibility reasons, we will post the console back to you free of charge, and issue a full refund on your order.

For any questions, please use the contact page to contact us with your query.

We offer 6 months warranty from the time of purchase, for mod kits, pre-modded consoles and modding services.

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