NESRGB and ATARI RGB Now in Stock

NESRGB ATARIRGB and N64 RGB Advanced Kits

We have just received stock of Tim Worthington's NESRGB and ATARI RGB kits.

We offer a professional installation service, and are official installers for Tim Worthington's kits. We also offer pre-modded consoles which can be purchased from our online store.

We also received our first batch of N64 RGB Advanced boards, developed by borti4938. The Nintendo 64 RGB Advanced is the best available RGB mod kit for the Nintendo64, and the only one that offers heuristic deblur, and an on-screen menu with options to choose from. It's an open-source project, and we build these kits in-house with the best quality components available.

The N64 RGB Advanced should become available to purchase in the next few days, as we populate the boards and test them. You can also send your N64 in for installation, or purchase a great pre-modded console from our shop!

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