McWill's GBC LCD is coming to 8BitMods

Backlit LCD Console Game Boy Colour McWill Mod Kit Nintendo Portable

McWill has created a great little backlit LCD display for the Game Boy Colour, that can be easily installed in your device with no soldering required at all!

The new version of McWill's kit will also feature better power consumption, and it will come with a VGA kit as well (which is optional to install).

We expect our stock to arrive in about two weeks, and we hope to also stock glass displays that will fit perfectly with the new display.


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  • 8BitMods on

    Hi David, these should be back in stock this week. We don’t have any plans for any different glass lenses at the moment, as our kit comes complete with the glass lens included.

  • David Rooke-Bates on

    Hey guys,
    I’ve recently started out and would. E very interested in getting a couple of these together with the glass lense. Could you please email me as soon as you have any in stock? Also will you be getting the original Pikachu & Pichu special edition glass lenses?
    Kind Regards,

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