McWill's GBC LCD is coming to 8BitMods

Backlit LCD Console Game Boy Colour McWill Mod Kit Nintendo Portable

The new version of McWill's backlit LCD for the Game Boy Colour is coming soon to 8BitMods, and it will be a no-soldering kit!

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NESRGB and ATARI RGB Now in Stock

We have just received stock of Tim Worthington's NESRGB and ATARI RGB kits, and our first batch of N64 RGB Advanced boards, developed by borti4938!

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8BitMods Launches in the UK and Europe

Atari Gaming Mod Kit Nintendo Retro Sega

Today we launched our online shop for retro gaming enthusiasts in the UK and Europe.

Our hope with 8BitMods is to provide a single place where console gaming enthusiasts can find everything they need, in order to replay (or even play for the first time!) all the great games that were released in the past, and had been very difficult to set up with modern equipment until now.

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